Into the wild a synopsis

McCandless's parents drive to Atlanta looking for their son and discover that his apartment was vacated five weeks earlier.

Saddened, he returns to the bus. March 14 approximate to March 28, Shortly afterwards, McCandless rejects his conventional life by destroying all of his credit cards and identification documents. Feasts on lingonberries and rose hips.

Into the Wild Summary

Along with three experienced Alaskans, Krakauer crosses the same river whose flooding prevented McCandless from leaving the wild. Shortly afterwards, McCandless rejects his conventional life by destroying all of his credit cards and identification documents.

Discovering maggots on the carcass, abandons it to the local wolves. Camps at the bottom of the Grand Canyon with a young German couple. Hikers and hunters discover McCandless's S. Throughout his epic journey the people he meets both influence and are influenced by the person he is and bring him to the final and tragic realization that "Happiness is only real when shared".

He donates nearly all of his savings to Oxfam and sets out on a cross-country drive in his Datsun to experience life in the wilderness. Leaving the campus, hikes west. McCandless concludes that true happiness can only be found when shared with others, and he seeks to return from the wild to his friends and family.

Receives a ticket for hitchhiking in Willow Creek, California. The FBI arrives and removes the body. Jim Gallien reads about the finding of the corpse and then contacts the police, setting off a string of events that lead to the identification of the body. On a parting note, Franz gives McCandless his old camping and travel gear, along with the offer to adopt him as his grandchild, but McCandless simply tells him that they should discuss this after he returns from Alaska.

Back in his canoe, encounters a violent storm that almost drowns him. Saddened, he returns to the bus, now as a prisoner who is no longer in control of his fate and can only hope for help from the outside. Spends one night in jail. An old man named Charlie takes him in briefly, before McCandless departs and meets Jan Buress and her old boyfriend in California.Because author Jon Krakauer presents the events of Into the Wild out of chronological order, establishing what happened when can challenge the reader.

For the sake of clarity, this timeline rearranges the book's episodes in the order in which they occurred, rather than the order in which they appear in Into the Wild.

Into the Wild

Synopsis Christopher McCandless (Emile Hirsch), son of wealthy parents (Marcia Gay Harden, William Hurt), graduates from Emory University as a top student and athlete. However, instead of embarking on a prestigious and profitable career, he chooses to give his savings to charity, rid himself of his possessions, and set out on a journey to the.

Into the Wild is a non-fiction book by Jon Krakauer that was first published in Into the Wild () on IMDb: Plot summary, synopsis, and more.

Into the Wild

Into the Wild Summary Buy Study Guide Into the Wild is the true story of Chris McCandless, a young Emory graduate who is found dead in the Alaskan wilderness in Septemberwhen he is twenty-four. Into the Wild begins not with the birth of its main character, or even with the beginning of the journey that the book will trace, but with an important turning point late in Christopher McCandless's trip through the American West: his final encounter with another human before he enters the Alaskan wilderness.

Into the wild a synopsis
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