Lumbermens underwriting alliance insolvency

Although we have a backup source to manufacture our doughnut mixes, any interruption of existing or planned production capacity at our manufacturing plant could lumbermens underwriting alliance insolvency a material adverse effect on our ability or that of our franchisees to make doughnuts.

Shortages or interruptions in supply of agricultural or food products can result from adverse weather conditions, such as droughts or floods. These distributions are made in the priority of the alphabetical order of the subordinate certificates and as described below.

Our vertical integration allows us to: Our highest priority expansion plans focus on markets with overhouseholds. Such - 10 - Interest Period shall commence on the effective date of such Interest Rate Option, which shall be i the Borrowing Date if the Borrower is requesting new Loans, or ii the date of renewal of or conversion to the Euro-Rate Option if the Borrower is renewing or converting to the Euro-Rate Option applicable to outstanding Loans.

The selected historical statement of operations data for the nine months ended, and the selected historical balance sheet data as of, November 1, and October 31, are derived from our unaudited consolidated financial statements, which are included in this prospectus, except for the historical balance sheet as of November 1, We opened our first store in and operated stores, consisting of 59 company-owned and 82 franchised stores, as of October 31, Please note that our fiscal year ended February 2, contained 53 weeks.

In the event that a court determines the franchisee is not adequately identified as a franchisee, we could be held liable for the misidentified franchisee's debts, obligations and liabilities.

We believe that these modifications are sufficient, but we cannot assure you that we have found and corrected all noncompliant programs. June 17, fire "arose out of" original dumping.

Our quarterly results could fluctuate because our business is subject to some seasonal fluctuations. The goal of interpreting an insurance policy, like the goal of interpreting any other contract, is to determine the intent of the parties as manifested by the language of the policy.

Basic Diluted Cash dividends declared per common share The Availability of a Class Action. Except as otherwise provided herein, the Borrower may from time to time prior to the Revolving Credit Expiration Date request the Swing Lender to make Swing Loans by delivery to the Swing Lender not later than May 21,in the following terms: If this happens, the certificate balances of the certificates will be reduced as shown in the following chart: January 9,aff'd on other grounds, 41 Mass.

For example, the servicer's affiliate could seek to reduce its potential loss from a troubled mortgage loan by deferring foreclosure or other legal action in an attempt to maximize future proceeds.

MATERIAL ADVERSE CHANGE shall mean any set of circumstances or events which a has or would reasonably be expected to have any material adverse effect upon the validity or enforceability of this Agreement or any other Loan Document, b is or would reasonably be expected to be material and adverse to the business, properties, assets, financial condition, results of operations of the Loan Parties taken as a whole, c impairs materially or would reasonably be expected to impair materially the ability of the Loan Parties taken as a whole to duly and punctually pay or perform its Indebtedness, or d impairs materially or would reasonably be expected to impair materially the ability of the Administrative Agent or any of the Banks, to the extent permitted, to enforce their legal remedies pursuant to this Agreement or any other Loan Document.

The ratings do not address the likelihood that holders will receive any yield maintenance charges, prepayment premiums, default interest or excess interest. The loss of the services of one or more members of our management group could materially and adversely affect our business.

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As a result, the trust may ultimately receive a smaller amount of proceeds from that mortgage loan as a result of that deferral. Where the claim has independent legal consequences, such that it is the formal equivalent of a law suit, however, a defense obligation may arise if it sets forth covered claims.

S-9 Distributions on the Offered Certificates S Distributions of Excess Interest Within such limits of time and amount and subject to the other provisions of this Agreement, the Borrower may borrow, repay and reborrow pursuant to this Section 2.

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Summary judgment is vacated. This rule of strict construction against the insurer is especially true should the ambiguity exist as an exception to general liability.

In the event that a member insurer is found to be insolvent and is ordered into liquidation by a court, the Delaware Insurance Guaranty Association Act enables the guaranty association to provide benefits on covered claims up to the limits spelled out in the Act.

The following table illustrates the per share dilution: Our principal executive offices are located at Knollwood Street, Winston-Salem, North Carolina and our telephone number is However, more recent rulings have stated that it is appropriate for a court to take into account the objectively generated expectations of coverage resulting from policy language.

See, Spencer Press, Inc. Columbus, Ohio time, on the Business Day next succeeding the date the Banks receive such notice from the Administrative Agent; and the Administrative Agent shall promptly deliver the funds it receives from the Banks to the Swing Lender.

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See also Weimer v. Certificateholders, other than holders of residual certificates, will be required to include in their income all interest and original issue discount for that debt in accordance with the accrual method of accounting regardless of the certificateholders' usual methods of accounting.

Mass. Reports v. 400-424

Even if the mortgage loan documents permit recourse to the borrower or a guarantor, the trust may not be able to ultimately collect the amount due under that mortgage loan. Our doughnutmaking process starts well before the store-level operations with our: Some component of the total rent paid by retail tenants may be tied to a percentage of gross sales.


Accordingly, we agree with those courts that have refused to impose such an interpretation upon the advisory committee note. A property's age, S condition, design such as floor sizes and layoutlocation, access to transportation and ability to offer amenities to its tenants, including sophisticated building systems such as fiber optic cables, satellite communications or other base building technological features may affect the properties' ability to compete with office properties in the same market.Lumbermens Mutual Casualty Co., supra, Conn.

–20, and the cases upon which it relies, support the conclusion that the plaintiff should be treated as self-insured for periods corresponding to wholly insolvent insurers. This data is provided from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) proprietary Global Receivership Information Database (GRID).

Lumbermens Underwriting Alliance July 10, ncigf Comments Off on Lumbermens Underwriting Alliance Document The Circuit Court of Cole County Missouri placed Lumbermens Underwriting Alliance into liquidation on May 23, The following is an excerpt from a Q SEC Filing, filed by BIG LOTS INC on 6/15/ PROFILES OF THE FUTURE The Property-Liability Insurance Industry John D.

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Long Mr. Long, a professor of insurance at Indiana University's Graduate School of Business, is also chairman of the Insur- ance Department and acting chairman of the Department of Finance. Lumbermens Underwriting Alliance.

July 10, ncigf Comments Off on Lumbermens Underwriting Alliance. Contact Name: Special Deputy Receiver Insolvency Date: 05/23/ NAIC Number: Street Address: NW Corporate Blvd .

Lumbermens underwriting alliance insolvency
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